Water purifiers towards -smart- uexpience for entpriseto inc

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   the industry this year, "smart" are busy. Referred to here is the current height of the industry, "intelligent" fashion. With the competition between water purifier business even more intense, increasing demands for innovation in the industry, the rise of younger consumer groups, more and more companies realize that water purifier, in order to grab more market share, not only to based on innovation, but also to develop new competitive products, however, that even with the former doing the foundation, the user experience is not in place, water purifier companys products really landing will also be out of the question.




water purifier towards "smart" user experience in place for enterprises to increase the weight

   intelligent industry regained vitality weights

   return to the product itself, from the consumers point of view to consider, refrigerators function, of course, is to provide chilled food; trash feature is the host families garbage, keeping the home clean and tidy. If the product in terms of functionality providing consumers with accurate demand, yet failed to reach 60 points, even if the catch mobile phone network, have reflected your cloud, it would not make up its own product features fail.

   After years of development, water purification industry structure has not yet a foregone conclusion, a variety of price war and even the current concept of intelligent wind and water. In fact, hinder the development of enterprises purifier biggest stumbling block is the presence of some misalignment between the value of the product and consumer demand. Product value in the eyes of business, has not been recognized by consumers. Or, some product functionality provided, not consumers really need. More importantly, "can" is the real function, humane, caring, comfort, want consumers want, continue to excellence, product features more extreme, so that consumers feel the supreme experience, it previously, it was sought after as imports of the toilet lid, rice cookers, trash and other intelligence.

   affixed smart tags do not need to re-fly user experience

   water purifier intelligent, we must think clearly, why you want to paste a smart label? Smart water purifier is not necessarily to science and technology, to play hyun, the product still can not forget our roots, user-centric view, can provide more value to the user experience is the most important.

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