Water purification industry stus quo analysis- reverse osmos

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   China Building Materials News: With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about the quality of drinking water daily, household water purifiers also started to enter peoples vision. According to statistics, in 2014 the water industry sales of 12.1 billion yuan, year on year growth rate of 66.9%, far higher than the household appliance market, only 0.25% of the overall growth rate. However, behind the rapid growth of the water purifier market brand uneven, complicated installation, maintenance difficulties and many other issues have been hanging over the industry. Here, for many years won the "Chinese water purifiers top ten brands," the two-time Academy Award winner fat cat Kent Cheng endorsement container home water purifier have to analyze the current situation at home water purifier market:


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   little homogeneity serious low-end product space

   At present, China water purifier market, although the rapid development, but due to years of homogenization of development, resulting in water purification industry design capabilities shortage, lack of creative design, building its own brand power shortage, due to industrialization and homogenization caught in a price war whirlpool, low-level redundant construction, a reminder of production overcapacity.

   According to incomplete statistics, in 2014 water purifier company has more than 4500, the lack of technological innovation is the water industrys hiding something. From 2010 to 2015, different types of technology trends in product prices are higher among which the fastest growth rate of the reverse osmosis products, and low-end product homogenization of living space getting smaller and smaller.


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   In case of reverse osmosis technology "bottleneck" upgrade emphasis on four points

   At present, there is a "microfiltration", "ultrafiltration" in the Chinese market, "nanofiltration" and "RO reverse osmosis" water purification technology and many other solutions to water purification technology is concerned, the pollution caused by rapid industrialization is very complex and difficult to solve in the short term, and the different regions and abroad, domestic water purifier is a heavy metal an important issue, with the need to solve the reverse osmosis technology. Therefore, the Chinese water manufacturers will focus on the future of the reverse osmosis technology.

   However, the conventional RO home reverse osmosis water purification unit needs to be installed on the water pipe, the installation process is complex, difficult to maintain, a large amount of wastewater discharged waste water, storage tank secondary pollution, and the like easily leaks flood and so on, all kinds of pain points became limit RO reverse osmosis water purifier market popularized bottleneck.

   In this regard, container that home water purifier, a reverse osmosis purifier upgrade the ROThe direction should be focused on these four points: First, ease of installation, avoid installing the inconvenience caused by unreasonable because the home design; the second is much longer filter life and lower filter replacement costs; Third, the higher the recovery rate, or discharge less waste; Fourth more human, for example, water quality monitoring, visualizing filter life.


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   innovation in order to have a future, identify the user needs is important

   With the tighter threshold of the industry and enhance the competitive multi-party supervision, will give bring new changes water industry. The participation of industry competition, we must focus depth user concerns, consumer evaluation by mining data, identify consumer demand point.

   In fact, consumer demand for safe drinking water, has been much higher than the price-sensitive. Water purifier enterprises face increasingly fierce market competition, only the depth of focus users, improve product, service levels, in order to win. In the growing homogenization of the water purifier market, allow intelligent home water purifier, installed free, do not waste wastewater characteristics represents the development direction of the industry, it is to adapt to consumer demand for products by consumers of all ages.

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