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   tap water manganese seriously overweight how to judge it? What is the main cause of excessive manganese tap water is it? How to determine whether excessive manganese it? Following small to the specific introduction.


So far, harm to our physical and mental health problems are very serious, especially closely related to our tap water, tap water manganese seriously overweight how to judge it? So how tap water was safe to drink it? Is not it better to buy a home water purifier point? Here the reason for the manganese exceeded and said method for reducing the


First, the reasons for the high manganese content source water


High manganese raw water, often occur in the winter and dry season, or for a long time Once dry the rain water flows downstream, which on the one hand and low level bed, dilution water is smaller than poor fluidity, a high impurity concentration in water on the other hand with serious trend of acid rain in recent years, the soluble manganese ions concentration in water increases .


Second, the water content of manganese exceeded reasons:


The amount of manganese in the amount of water depends on the amount of the manganese source water, since the manganese oxide in the water is difficult, two current I conventional water purification process recipe manganese removal is difficult, it is bound to manganese exceeded.


Third, the impact on water quality manganese


Manganese may be from the natural environment or industrial wastewater pollution, manganese and iron to affect similar sensory properties of water, often co-exist in both natural water, when the manganese concentration in water exceeding 0.15mg / L, firstly, to increase color; Second produce metallic taste, manganese compound will gradually be deposited on the inner wall of the pipe have a "tumor ferromanganese bacteria", the water pressure may fluctuate resulting in "yellow water" phenomenon, that clothing and utensils dyeing equipment, and water pipe network manganese content is higher than the finished water. If long-term high, adversely affect water quality for favorable water color and taste sensory indicators, to prevent stains on clothes required to produce certain goods and utensils, drinking water norms and standards of the manganese content should not exceed 0.1mg / L, the same as with the world Health Organization standards.


Fourth, the method of reducing the manganese content of water


The test, when the raw water PH value at about 7.5, adding 0.5 ~ 0.8mg / L of potassium permanganate oxidation of soluble Low manganese ions are precipitated manganese dioxide removal preferably, this method is technically and economicallyPossible, so that finished water quality meet the national standards. Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent and the type of coagulant, disinfectants, and algae for water purification have a greater effect, but the dosage must be strictly controlled, the upper limit of not more than 0.8mg / L, adding a wet preferably, the dosage concentration of about 3%.


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