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   and the general daily consumables except that the appliance is a typical consumer durables. When the consumer durables market penetration to a certain stage, there will be saturation trend. Users will turn on quality at the core of the iterative requirements. However, demand is iterative personalized color with a strong, no longer have explosive growth.

   and the government advocating consumer upgrade Coincidentally, iterative demand as the main driver of the market. The iterative requirements, the high-end products, a larger proportion of high-priced products, but demand for the release of speed and rhythm slows down accordingly, and manufacturers to expand sales which is a contradiction.


   Therefore, after the completion of popular manufacturers in the first, second and third-line market, will naturally be to the county, township, represented by forty-five market goes down, there looking for new growth. In fact, the domestic appliance market is quietly Following this logic, the market began to sink, to seize the opportunities of the future market.

   and still have increments of county, township market, due to weak economic foundation, the market started late, there is still a considerable part of popular demand. From the current situation, first, second and third-line market has apparently can not find rigid demand user, and only four or five market presence, there are a lot of popular demand.

   In fact, the market appears to sink because forty-five began to highlight the value of the market, which is subject to the inevitable result of constraints caused by the economic conditions of urban and rural markets. The reason is very simple and really not difficult to understand:

   鈶?a second-tier market has been excessively saturated find a new way imminent.

   One, two, three universal appliance market is the first place. As early as the beginning of reform and opening up, appliances or luxury goods when there is a second-tier market users started to buy home appliances products to bring to enjoy the quality of life. This is a second-tier quality of the population is living in a great relationship. Only use them to buy new appliances products, home appliances products have universal model.

   However, the first, second and third-line market after more than 30 years since the reform and opening up the popularity of home appliance products had changed from a luxury to a commodity. After all, it is inseparable from the pursuit of quality of life, and has been updated several iterations. Now and then in a secondary market to explore the popular user has hardly any, can only be updated iteration of supporting the needs of the market only.

   鈶?four or five lines stillThere is incremental demand, future market hot concentrated township county.

   and a second and third tier market is different, four, five market due to economic underdevelopment, single-source income of residents, income is relatively small, so the consumer durables such as home appliances, have wanted to use the heart, but no ability to buy. But after 40 years of reform and opening up, especially government investment in social security in rural areas is huge, most areas have been lifted out of poverty, with the ability to consume such consumer durables appliances.

   but rather that county, township residents just out of poverty, it means that they enjoy the pursuit of enjoyment of home appliance products has only just begun, the future enjoying, there is a huge space on consumption. With the consumption of space, manufacturers will have a hard foundation of this market. Therefore, to be able to see the busy market vendors began to sink, layout and stimulate this potential market in the future.

   鈶?any significant level of demand in the primary market, the market sank taking care of urban and rural balance.

   Although that market to sink to the county township at this level, the so-called four or five market. But in fact, from a hierarchical point of view, first, second and third-line market will still be a fairly low-end users. First, the needs of migrant workers; the second is to configure rental demand; Third, demand for older users community groups.

   like these demand are basically the low-end market to sink when not to forget them. Otherwise, it is holding a golden rice bowl looking for food and drink. And such huge potential demand, some are rigid requirements. Lets say the demand for rental housing, rental housing want, and you want to rent on a good price, configuration is necessary. But never configured high-end products, is certainly cost-effective products.

   Well, from the subjective and objective point of view, forty-five began to highlight the value of the market, coupled with the gradual popularization of Internet technology means, to narrow the distance between urban and rural areas, the original asymmetry of information has almost ceased to exist . On the one hand there is no difference in the age of the Internet user information received and a second-tier cities; on the other hand manufacturers in the highly developed logistics, the development of forty-five market has become possible.

   Thus, in recent years we have explored market sinking. Including some seize and occupy forty-five market opportunities success stories, inspire market makers sinking enthusiasm.

   including a few years ago the government implemented the "home appliances"Policy, it is precisely conform to the needs, and gradually develop the huge potential market, is now the best time to start digging, after all, is a proactive strategy to seize the initiative

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