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  Urban sewage treatment, these data worth considering Author: Tim net water purification Views: 593 Published: 2015-12-5 14:11:59 information provided in accordance with "five" "Thirteen Five" of the General Assembly, Tian net net water Xiao Bian finishing equipment and the status of the current data sewage treatment, the authenticity of these data, we do not know how in the end, the only think that, through these data, what do we see, what needs to be done. "Twelve Five" "Thirteen Five" urban sewage treatment facilities construction are as follows: national domestic county completed a total of 3802 sewage treatment plants, sewage treatment capacity of 161 million cubic meters / day. National domestic sewage treatment plant up and running 2149, the formation of sewage treatment capacity of 132 million cubic meters / day. All counties built sewage treatment plants 1653, the formation of sewage treatment capacity of 029 million cubic meters / day. 1427 county has built a sewage treatment plant, accounting for 88.4% of the total county. Treatment and disposal of sewage sludge to 2014 urban sewage treatment rate of 90%, the county sewage treatment rate reached 82%, and the village sewage treatment rate of sewage treatment plant upgrade 10% of the key areas in full swing harmless sludge treatment disposal rate of about 56% of the 2014 total length of 510,000 km drainage network 鍩庨晣姹℃按澶勭悊锛岃繖浜涙暟鎹€煎緱鎬濊€? width= the number of sewage treatment plants of 2014 Chinas urban sewage treatment plant in 3802 鍩庨晣姹℃按澶勭悊锛岃繖浜涙暟鎹€煎緱鎬濊€? align= "second five" major tasks sewage treatment 1, to further improve drainage network. New network 150,000 km 2, to continue to improve sewage treatment capacity, the urban sewage treatment rate reached an average of 85 percent 3, further improving the sewage plant effluent quality 4, to improve harmless sludge treatment and disposal capacity of up to 80% 5 major cities, improve reclaimed water reuse capability, recycled water reuse rate of 15% or more macro point of view, these data seem to indicate great progress and some water to enhance environmental management capacity building, but why Chinas water environment is still a mess? First, the water depth treatment is not enough. Excluded several large cities have this ability, there are a few cities such as North Canton water treatment technology does have depth, Beijing called after water treatment to meet the standard, there are a few that I askBeijing? Depth of the water treatment plant is currently less than 2%, which means that our drinking water is still not guaranteed technical. Less than half the proportion of qualified water source of water if the water into the plant but also to maintain good, then even if the water process needs to be improved, we can still say that water out of the water is acceptable, but sadly true of water into the water qualified are less than the general proportion. All over Columbia River, Haihe River inferior 鈪?water as high as 40% or more, the Yellow River, Huaihe, Liaohe and also have more than 20% is still inferior class 鈪?water. Since the water environment situation is still bad, we should continue to work hard in what way? Currently the focus is to improve the governance of the pipe network 鈶? 鈶?village sewage treatment, upgrading rural sewage 鈶? 鈶?sludge treatment and water reclamation

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