Small appliances of the change- Push the avy influx of goods

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  Small appliances of the change: Push the heavy influx of goods made jointly build ecological breakdown http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 11:00 on June 5 Source: Nail Technology T


   HC clean water network in 2020 since the consumer electronics market as a whole under pressure in recent years, speed the growth of small home appliances category also could not be spared. According to Ovid cloud network data, the first quarter of 2020, Chinese small home appliances retail sales 8.52 billion yuan, down 28.6% year on year; Western-style small home appliances retail sales 2.97 billion yuan, down 4.9%.

   At the same time, nail technology also notes that the "price" appears to be as a way to open sales. According to Ovid cloud network data, the first quarter of 2020, rice cookers, induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric kettle, soybean milk, cooking machine average price showed a downward trend, the magnitude of more than 4%, of which, the price decline was more cooking machine 15.7 %.

   In recent years the consumer electronics market, "price" promotion is not uncommon, there are brands with price "advantage" gain market share, but if the long-term simply to promote low-cost strategy, the industry and the enterprises themselves who are not necessarily a good choice.

   of small household appliances, brands are trying to change, to make itself better performance, and thus also drive the industry out of the pure "price competition."

   observed on the nail technology, changes focused on the following points:

   launched a joint product.

   For now, the United States head, Supor, nine positive and other brands have launched a related joint product, for example, the United States and Po can dream jointly, nine positive and LIFEFRIENDS joint, Supor and Pac-Man jointly and their co-branded products are almost entirely covered by the mainstream category of small household appliances.

   Nail Technology believes that a joint approach to make the product more personalized, but also to more new products with labels in addition to the tools properties, can help achieve a premium, but also the younger age groups are more likely to gain love, meet the needs of different users to design, etc., and then expand the user base.

   "More new label" can be understood as small household electrical appliances are no longer confined to its own function, also can be considered collectibles, display, etc., in fact, expanding the product usage scenarios.

   joint, there are also brand point to the "wave of products."

   United States Meng tide shop, boutique + IP with the idea for the product enabling to sprout design-related products as its theme, the second element cut into the cultural spheres, to create a more innovative, personalized brand-new appliances.

   In fact, such an approach has similarities with the joint, it is more particularly by design, so that products with a unique symbol, such as through the Department of Meng, the influx of cool design, so that a wider range of user groups accepted , expand the user base at the same time, the ability to further enhance the premium products.

   above changes, mainly in the culture, design and other aspects, in fact, is the ability to re-sort the product direction, a brand launched a product for the market segments.

   As the market is becoming saturated, brand new category need to attract more users, also appeared in a number of product segments for specific populations, such as from sugar rice cookers, portable cups and mini soybean milk and so on, most of these products are different from similar products on the market, more suitable for users with special needs. Emergence of such products also to some extent have pulled the small household appliance market, the average price effect.

   as well as brands try to "cross-border" and make ecology.

   such as Winnie the appliance, this year, the Cubs Electric was established Cubs Baby Products Co., Ltd. and set up R & D center in Shenzhen, further participation in baby products market, covering category includes not only looks mother appliances.

   chose the field of mother and child, nail technology think there are three reasons:

   First, it has considerable market expectations. Prospective Industrial Research Institute expects the 2020-2023 years, the average compound growth rate of my countrys baby products is about 9.29%, in 2023, my countrys baby products is expected to exceed 5 trillion yuan.

   Second, baby bear electrical field and are fit. Bear small electrical appliances colorful, stylish, of course, no shortage of young users, many of them younger and more female users, users achieve natural circulation in the different categories is feasible. In fact, from 2019 to some news, Bear appliance market has been in maternal and child in the nursery choose to get some awareness and recognition. In addition, it is understood, is sold under the Cubs electrical lines and other characteristics including maternal and child channels.

   Third, the Cubs appliances can quickly enter the field of maternal and child by means of "health appliance" more market segments. It is understood that Bear appliancesProducts already covered kitchen appliances, small appliances and other life categories, sub-category involves yogurt, egg boilers, which are more than 400 SKU. If you really want to provide complete solutions in the field of maternal and child, then copy a similar approach to other categories, the Cubs Electric useful imagination.

   in the home appliance market, is already doing ecological trends, the future is likely there will be more small appliance brands into them.


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