Separated only by a water filr between you and youhealth

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   fruit is my close friend, from high school is the talk about anything good friend. In recent years, one after another of my friends are married, only she is still a single person with friends advised her to get married soon, she always said: "My Goddess said, and the rest of us are voluntary, not by the remaining "I Quanguo several times, always blocked, she said:." you look at yourself, with the introduction of a child, a child slave on the whole, I still want to free a few years later, busy the child thing, in the middle of us have not seen for a long time. Last weekend, suddenly received her phone "sister weekend to my house, something told."



   When I arrived, found a few friends have arrived, while greeting, then into the kitchen to help prepare fruit ingredients. Fruit, said: "I am married." I was stunned, she knew naughty shook hands in front of me, I was slow to God. Fruit, said Her husband is a doctor, this time out to play, accidentally injured in hospital, her current husband is her doctor.

   listen fruit tell her love, my eyes had been her home water purifier attracted to. The fruit is said, because her husband is a doctor, so their home with things are more particular about the water purifier is specially insisted her husband buy. "My husband speaks, poor water quality, and water purifiers to filter out water, more at ease. After all, we live on the water."



   Indeed, water is the source of life, to our life plays an important role, body of water, accounting for about 65% of body weight. Wherein the aqueous 75% brain, blood 83% water, 76% aqueous muscles, even in the hard bone is also 22% aqueous miles! No water, food can not be absorbed nutrients, waste can not be eliminated from the body, the drug can not reach the work site. Once the water body, the consequences are very serious. Water 1% -2%, to feel thirsty; 5% water, dry mouth, skin wrinkling, unconsciousness, and even visual hallucinations; 15% water, often even hunger.

   On the way back, passing through a water purifier store, went in, shopping guide staff will meet up, detailing the effectiveness of their water purifiers, we do a live demonstration. Enlightened, a look surprised, tap water filtered through the water, really had me scared with, and we had not actually drink clean water.


   home, and her husband talk water purifierThings, her husband said: "normal ah, I was ready to do at home to install a water quality is getting worse, we have to protect the health of drinking water, install water purifiers are sometimes inevitable, between you and your health, separated only. a water purifier. "

   Yes, the water in our body is about five to eighteen days will update once, if more than 70% of our body water is of high quality water, the bodys cells in nutrition, water, you can get fresh living environment. Water quality often determines the quality of life.

   But look around me, water pollution problems intensified in 2015, Quanzhou 50 dead bodies were long dead pig Creek surface water pollution, sewage Yichang Changyang Monte Manganese cause water pollution, Chaohu, Anhui cyanobacteria large gathering, Guangdong Lianjiang water pollution, water contamination Anhui Chizhou acres of fields become wasteland, Sichuan Guangyuan reservoir pollution, etc., causing vomiting, life is threatened, people suffering from the bitterness, living in squalor.



   In this case, install water purifiers became our only choice. We can not choose the quality of the water, but we can decide the quality of drinking water, good water makes a good living, good physique. May we increasingly concerned about the health regimen, but sometimes, we have to admit that, in fact, between you and your health, only across a water purifier.

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