Quan Lu water purification agents to see how to conquerhe 90

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鐪嬫硥闇插噣姘村櫒浠g悊鏄浣曞緛鏈?0娑堣垂缇や綋 walking in the streets of the city, a variety of water purification agents, consumers see dazzling. But we found a group is very calm many consumers, that is coming in 90 consumers who belong to this generation water purifiers consumers youngest group is also the most promising groups, also one of the most challenging groups.

   80 for groups or tradition there is a trace of awe, that after 90 only a trace of understanding. They are rich in a substance extremely, extremely rapid transmission of information society era. It can be said that they are growing up in an information barrier-free environment. It will conquer them, water purification agents who need to do the work is no easy task.

   First of all, the first thing to do is to understand the consumer psychology of this group. If there is still a trace of the sensitivity of the price of the vocabulary words for 80, 90 understanding on prices is just a symbol. Because their lives the price is no longer limit their quality of life a symbol. They are more focused on their own life experience, so will some people to sell their kidneys to buy an Apple phone. So the agent was doing publicity for a group this time, low-cost absolutely aside, but the product performance, product highlights various aspects or cool place to show up. Because only make the product captivated them, in order to truly capture their hearts.

   Second, 90 for innovative product has a very high degree of loyalty, the pursuit of this kind of innovation is actually flaunt them in a process of self. 70, there is always a return to adhere to a conservative 80, because we are still very cautious. But after 90 of their daring us stunned.

   Therefore, water purification agents for promotional products has a set. Because water purification products no matter how good, no matter how good the brand, it also requires consumers to nod.

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