Up in the morning to drk boiled water

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   up in the morning to drink boiled water it? The answer goes without saying that you are aware of. Xiao Bian gave you tell us about its benefits now.




A lot of people like to get up in the morning, drink a glass of water. That morning wake up drink what good is it? What are the water can not get up to drink it in the morning?


get up in the morning is recommended to drink boiled water. Some have argued the morning drink a glass of salt water, I think it did not make much sense. Sodium intake on modern itself too much to drink salt water in the case of the body is not the lack of salt will increase the salt intake of no value. Studies have shown that calcium, magnesium and other minerals contained in drinking water is helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease, more suitable for the elderly. Others advocate in the morning to drink a cup of honey and water that help alleviate constipation. Fructose in honey for constipation people must have intestines, the role of Hua Chang, but for most people, enough boiled water, boiled water in protein, carbohydrates, fats, etc. do not exist, is not the most affordable water. Early in the morning to drink a glass of water, the metabolic process in the human body, the cells not only add moisture, but also reduces blood viscosity, conducive to the discharge of urine. In addition, there is no heat boiled water can be absorbed without digestion, blood diluted quickly, promote blood circulation, people wake up faster.


1. Cool varies


Early morning water, drinking water in the same optimal temperature, cold weather can drink warm water to minimize gastrointestinal irritation . Studies have shown that, when the water temperature at about 25 掳 C, the water molecules with the best human cellular affinity, water absorption capacity of the strongest cell. So in the morning drinking a cup of warm water is the best choice. For young people, good physique, drink cool white open is also easy to accept, but for the elderly, the infirm, fear of cold, Wei Han people, the early morning cup of warm water, is a good choice. In short, the water temperature should be selected according to their own personal physical condition.


preferably 2.150-200 mL


For most people, drinking 150-200 ml morning is a more appropriate amount of water. It should be reminded that, in patients with hypertension and renal dysfunction should pay special attention to water intake. Hypertensive patients own blood volume is high, and the morning rush hour is a day of blood pressure, at this time if excessive drinking, but will increase the blood volume, blood pressure becomes higher. The kidney patients excessive drinking will increase the pressure glomeruli. .


3 drink timing: after brushing your teeth before breakfast


early in the morning drinking water must be fasting, that is, after brushing, before breakfast. Drink plenty of water before brushing your teeth, easily washed into the body with bacteria in the mouth, it is not conducive to health. The lack of water after a meal to promote blood circulation, erosion and other gastrointestinal effects. In addition, the best small mouth small mouth to drink water, drink too much detrimental to the body, can cause reduced blood pressure and cerebral edema, leading to headaches, nausea, and vomiting.


family safe drinking water Tips: How to be healthy drinking water


(1) hour before a meal drinking: early, about an hour before lunch and dinner, drink a certain amount of water, because the meal drink plenty of water before increasing appetite, aid digestion, promote absorption effect.


(2) fasting warm water is appropriate: a hot or cold drink can irritate the gastric mucosa, milk, soy milk and other nutrients adverse empty stomach completely absorbed, and therefore should be after a meal or at mealtime.


(3) gastrointestinal Shu meal soup: soup to drink a certain amount of meals, help dissolve food and preliminary digestion in the stomach and in the small intestine beneficial to digestion and absorption, if the meal when not replenish the amount of water before meals or after meals because a large number of secretion of gastric juice and consume too much fluid, causing thirst, this time to drink plenty of water will give heart, kidney and other organ pipe burden.


Through the above description, you are sure of the safety of drinking water knowledge understand it. Xiao Bian remind you, to ensure the safe use of household water purifiers, all hazardous substances are removed, the specific operation to focus on stations it.




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