SAIC stop water purifier false advtising safeguard the legit

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  Industrial development, often at the expense of environmental pollution, and now our water environment is not optimistic. Water purifiers appear to some extent, ease the water crisis, but behind the hot market, prices were inflated, detect chaos, false advertising and other chaos hamper the healthy development of the industry. Even played the gimmick magical effect of retard aging, cancer and so on. False propaganda against the bad water purification business providers, SAIC promulgated the "class air and water purification supplies special rectification action." Special action to combat consumer reflect a strong focus on the following issues remediation: claims by detection testing organizations actually untested, declared incompatible with the actual test data test data; detect concealed prescribed standard testing conditions, testing environment, testing time , highlighting an item of data, mislead consumers; detected only partial components or a particular function components, such as filters, filter, etc., but claimed that merchandise has been tested with other purification products have the same function; untested or no scientific basis for claims product is suitable for any particular person has a therapeutic, health and other effects and so on.

   According to reports, this special rectification divided into two stages, this month for the operators of self-examination phase, requires the production and sales units consciously correct violations, while market regulators the strengthening of administrative guidance, for violations found in inspections ordered to correct or given a lighter punishment according to law. "This brand water purifier has on human health effects", "this is a function of water purifier brand, able to beauty hangover" after ...... water purifier again all to such publicity, production and marketing enterprises will heavy penalties. January, like air and water purification supplies special rectification action starts, asked the relevant manufacturers can not produce, there is no sale of false propaganda act like air and water purification supplies, and to refuse to correct "incorrigible" operators, market regulators will impose severe punishment.

   In addition, on February 1 date, the producers refuse to correct or corrective measures are not in place, operators have continued to sell fake goods or promotion of false propaganda in sales, the market supervision department according to the law strictly investigate and punish; penalties for early has failed to amend, as a new offense, shall be punished severely according to law. Meanwhile, consumers continue to sell the business if there is false propaganda act of purification class household items, you can call 12315 to report.

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