Water purifier mainstream technology selection should be dmi

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   is a so-called home water purifier for tap water means water depth processing. Household water purifiers began in the 1950s, the 1970s became popular, the same continues today. Statistics show that my countrys frequent incidents of water pollution, unsafe sources of drinking water of the population involved about 1.4 million people. Shocking water pollution, so the demand for safe drinking water in the general population increasingly strong, home improvement water purifier it is very necessary. So, common household water purifiers water purification technology are what it, the following small series to sum up, the actual situation and tell you all kinds of water purification technology corresponds.


   a, microfiltration (the MF)

   referred to the MF microfiltration, filtration is the most basic, such as: a ceramic filter, PP cotton, microfiltration technology in the household water purifiers the most widely used, but the accuracy is not high purification, generally as a pre-filter of the water purifier. Microfiltration accuracy is generally 0.1 to 30 microns, as a variety of common PP filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic filter microfiltration belong to the category, for the simple coarse filter, to remove sediment, rust and other large particulate impurities , but can not remove the water of bacteria, viruses, organic matter, heavy metals and other hazardous substances.

   Second, nanofiltration (NF)

   Nanofiltration is a green water treatment technology, membrane separation technology is the latest development of the world, in some ways can replace the traditional high cost, technology tedious method of sewage treatment. Nanoscale pore size and performance characteristics of the special filter is charged with: retain molecular weight organic material and multivalent ions is greater than 200, allowing small organic molecules and monovalent ions pass through; can be run under harsh conditions of high temperature, acid and alkali, the membrane tolerance wide range of conditions, high concentration, stain; operating pressure is low, high-flux, low-cost operation means, low energy consumption (the only pressure driving force). NF membrane having a molecular weight of several hundreds of small organic molecules in water separation properties, has a good ability to remove color, odor and hardness, and low pressure operation, water flux, and thus play a great role in the field of water treatment .


   Third, ultrafiltration (the UF)

   UF wide range of applications, large volume of water purifier, high filtration accuracy, but in some respects there is still a limitation. Ultrafiltration in its filtration accuracy of 0.01 to 0.1 micron, a pressure differential using membrane separation technology,Filtered water, rust, sediment, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, viruses, organic molecules and other harmful substances, and can keep some mineral elements beneficial to humans. Mineral water, mountain spring water in the production process of the core components. Ultrafiltration recovery of water up to 95%, can be easily achieved with flushing backwash, clogging, relatively long life. Wherein the filtering accuracy of 0.01 micron membrane, because water production efficacy and good filtering effect is widely adopted.


   Fourth, reverse osmosis (RO membrane)

   the highest precision reverse osmosis filtration, the water of high quality, but less than the waste water is too high. Reverse osmosis filtration precision of up to about 0.0001 m, manufacture of pure water is the core technology in the world, its core is a reverse osmosis membrane elements, the fine pore size of 0.0001 microns, at a certain pressure, the water molecules can pass only trans permeable membrane, raw water and inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organics, colloids, bacteria, viruses and other impurities due to its diameter larger than 0.02 micron, can not pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, the reverse osmosis membrane filtration of water through the cleaner. With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly concerned about the safety of drinking water, reverse osmosis water is becoming the mainstream of drinking water purification machines, fully meet the demand for "pure water", which not only can fully remove the water six hazardous substances, but also effectively remove the scale, filtered water is the real "water." Currently, pure performance to meet the family and office drinking water needs, often used to make tea, soup, milk, punch, coffee or drink. However, the use of low water reverse osmosis water, waste water is a major bottleneck.

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