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With the improvement of peoples living standards, people are concerned about their own health is also growing. There is a saying that water is the source of life and health of the country. Healthy living starts drinking. However, in recent years, with the advance of industrialization and urbanization, water pollution problems have become increasingly severe, peoples daily drinking water safety is threatened.


a large number of water purification company came into being, the water purifier market is also increasingly popular. The water purifier market is also propaganda on water everywhere, so in the end what kind of drinking water is more healthy? Here water purification experts will provide you answer it.


First, drink a good hard water or soft water good?


To understand good or drinking hard water softener, first look at the relationship between calcium and magnesium ions and human health. Calcium and magnesium ion is an essential nutrient per day, if a certain hardness of water, the water may be supplemented by a quantity of calcium and magnesium ions. If people are long-term use of soft water, the need to supplement through other means. But the water hardness is too high and too low is not good, because of the hardness of water and some diseases are closely related. In an area of 鈥嬧€媓igh water hardness, low population incidence of cardiovascular disease, but the incidence rate of kidney stones with the hardness of the water temperature increased. Mostly soft southern my country, northern China mostly hard water. The predetermined standard of drinking water is not more than 25 degrees, the most appropriate hardness of the drinking water is 8-18 degrees, are mildly or moderately hard water.


water hardness and texture are also related, hard water and refreshing, the majority of high hardness mineral water, people feel fresh and delicious, soft water seemed bland. But with hard water tea, coffee, the taste will be affected. Some food processing water more meticulous, hard water will affect the food processing, could easily lead to protein precipitation, precipitation of inorganic salts or difficult to cook, but by water and soft drinks is better. Boiler water generally should make water softening, otherwise they will be too much scale and accidents.


Second, good to drink pure water or drink tap water good?


At present, for good clean drinking water is good to drink tap water or inconsistent expert advice. Some experts believe that drinking water is add water, no need to consider nutrition issues. Other experts believe that tap water has many trace elements and inorganic salts, beneficial to humans. So what nutritional tap water in the end it? Zinc 1,000 ml of water, the iron content is less than 0.2 mg for an adult daily 10 mg -15 mg zinc, 12 mg iron -18 mMG. From the daily intake of trace elements in water of less than 1 mg, and trace elements needed by the human body it is negligible compared to. But the water calcium, high magnesium, the human body there are certain advantages. Because the real pure water through layers of filtration, to remove the impurities in the water generally, trace elements, salts and pathogenic bacteria, safe non-toxic, non-polluting, hygiene, the human body is good, but the missing elements can be from food intake. Therefore, if economic conditions permit, the purchase is really pure water, which is human progress.


water purification experts suggest that the prevalence of water because a certain degree of secondary pollution, the cost of bottled water and bottled water are too high, not suitable as drinking water daily. Therefore, consumers can choose to purify water purifiers, water purifiers is the way people drinking economical and environmentally friendly fashion choice.

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