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Recently, led by the National Development and Reform Commission, the fourth "2020 China Brand Day" to "Chinese brand, world share; comprehensive well-off, the quality of life; global war plague, brand strength" as the theme, held for the first time Yun show. The cloud on the brand exposition set up an Office of the sequence and the 37 local halls, the selection of more than 1,300 well-known own brands and innovative companies with growth potential to participate, the use of three-dimensional virtual reality technology, panoramic restore pavilion scene. Among them, the owner of well-known brand kitchen electric appliances in the cloud Zhejiang Museum exhibition of concern, provides a wonderful interactive experience and visual enjoyment for the majority of Internet users at home and abroad, feel the real charm of the kingdom of light of light.




why the boss appliances and launched the "Boss family of four" are favorable for the market? By studying the development process is not difficult to find the owner of electrical appliances, strong scientific research strength, the ultimate product strength, is the secret weapon that always lead the industry.


pioneers, electric kitchen empire built from three vice


Boss Electric was founded in 1979, formerly Yuhang County Bo Lu Hongxing hardware factory. 41 years ago, the founder of Boss Electric three vise grip, opening the road of development boss appliances. 1987 boss appliances and aerospace department developed my countrys first generation of range hoods, has formulated and promulgated the countrys first standard hood after two years, laid a solid foundation for the development of the industry.


from scratch to lead the industry, owner of electrical appliances has not forgotten "vise" spirit, over the years adhere to the strategic positioning "Focus electric kitchen" through technological breakthroughs continue to do a stronger. It was 41 years persist, always keeping in mind the early heart, work hard, pursue innovation and technological breakthroughs, owner of electrical appliances in order to continue to drive technology products iteration, to provide consumers with high-tech high-quality products, the ultimate success of the industry now stand peak electric kitchen empire.


Recalling the history of the owner of electrical appliances, the most impressive is its repeated disruptive innovation kitchen electric products. Kitchen electric products from the West into the Chinese market, once dominated the entire Chinese market. Electric boss through independent research and development of new technology, range hood, "China"; then invented free washable hood, suction hood, central hood, integrated hood and so on, many times to lead the industry change; in addition to smoke fumes outside the machine, according to former boss appliances also erupted volcanoRationale, design 10 Zi Yan high flame stove, dishwasher can Xiguo Power washing, washing versatile drink water purifier double structure, the upper and lower temperature Zhengkao double machine, are unique industries. Kitchen electrical appliances boss in the history of the development of China, has always been at the forefront of the industry revolutionary breakthrough innovation is inseparable from the owner of the appliance.




scientific and technological innovation, word of mouth to achieve intensive accumulation


from the 1980s started the kitchen electric industry, to enter the 21st century, bid farewell to "barbaric growth "era, how companies continue to expand the scale, increase market share and became the industry are thinking about the problem. Faced with increasingly saturated market, owner of electrical appliances in order to "intensive" spirit, build competitive advantage: on the one hand Strict product quality, on the one hand to increase research investment. By 2015, the owner of Electric 750 million investment to build kitchen electric industrys first digital intelligent manufacturing base, which manufacture intelligent command center can keep control of production, improve production efficiency by optimizing the production process, strictly control the production quality. Boss Electric With advanced production and quality management, gains 2017 National Quality Award, becoming the kitchen electric industry only selected brand, but also one of the first selected target enterprise product word "Zhejiang manufacturing."




in terms of research investment, the boss at home and abroad electrical layout of multiple centers of innovation and R & D base, not only with state-level technical centers, national laboratories, state-level industrial design Center, also founded the Institute in California and Shenzhen innovation, attract the worlds leading technology professionals gather global innovation resources to develop smarter, more efficient kitchen appliances. In addition, the boss appliances also established internal business platform "super factory", tap internal resources and creative talents to form a strong research environment. Scientific and technological innovation is like a boss appliances irreplaceable core competitiveness, but also provides a steady stream of power for the sustainable development boss appliances.


focused Chinese cooking, deep consumer demand


In todays Internet era, people received more than the amount of messages to explode every day, how can we move the consumer brand, has become fierce from the key to stand out of the competition. For the kitchen electric industry, peoples grasp of "consumer upgrade" demand change, to seek technological breakthroughs, product differentiation, in order to seize the minds of consumers, access to growth opportunities.


as to enhance the quality of life, people are increasingly high requirements of electric kitchen, especially the complexity of Chinese cooking, it presented a great challenge to the kitchen electrical performance. Boss Electric deep study of different cultures and cooking habits of Chinese families, insight into Chinese heavy fumes from the kitchen, washing dishes and more difficult, requires high heat, high temperature Zhengkao difficult to achieve a variety of cooking challenges. These pain points for the kitchen, the owner of Electric proposed the "Chinese new kitchen, a family of four boss" of the overall solution, the old traditional Chinese kitchen smoke, two-piece kitchen, upgraded to "smoke, stove, steaming, washing," a family of four to help Chinese families easily cope with various problems in the kitchen, enjoy cooking.




In addition, the boss appliances also established Chinese Culinary Institute, systematic and professional platform to build online Chinese cooking, to build a complete kitchen eco further enhance the value-added products , enabling users to truly achieve product differentiation. Chinese Culinary Institute include product innovation, innovative recipes, cooking teaching, spokesperson matrix, cooking five major basic research content, to provide more solutions for Chinese cooking, Chinese cooking promote more cultural contribution. Electric boss always attached importance to cultural heritage and promote the diet, such as the creation of steamed Chinese Culture Research Institute, Chinese food education advocates and other actions, reflects a deep understanding of the Boss Electric kitchen electric products connotation, we are committed to building rooted in traditional Chinese Kitchen culture.


boss as kitchen electric appliance industry leading brands, demonstrated in 2020 the brand Day Chinese national brand in the style of "Chinese family of four new kitchen boss current products to meet consumer demand. Future boss appliances will continue to shoulder its responsibilities as a leading national brand, alongside with other outstanding brands, Chinese brand showcase to the world the power to enhance the influence of Chinese brands, Chinese brand to boost development.

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