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  What is the first time the use of water purifiers need to pay attention? Time: 2019-08-29 09:58:15 As our standard of living after gradually improved, we began to focus on health, after all, a healthy body is the most basic requirements of life. However, tap water is unhealthy issues of concern to society today, water purifier installation become the choice of many families, but do not know much because of the water purifier, the first time use, it is easy to make mistakes, then we have these common sense or the need to know more about it, in order to ensure the normal use of the water purifier. First, the first time: 1, the tap is opened, water inlet valve, the faucet purification, rinsing 15 minutes, until water is clear and foam-free. Frequently during flushing water taps (three seconds off, 10 seconds apart) so formed pulsatile flow impact, such flushing better. 2. Close the drain tap, the tap is opened purification, after five minutes of water can be used normally. Second, daily use: 1, often along the wash: the tap water will flush the water purification process, it is recommended to open after access to purified water tap rinse, wash away the timely interception of contaminants, keeping the water through the water purifier amount, thus prolonging the life. 2, water production backwash recovery: If the purifier cis flushing water production is still small, can be considered backwash. Third, water purifiers use Note: 1, the water purifier using membrane filter should be kept in a wet state. If the membrane filter and drying will lead to a sharp decline in water production and can not be recovered. 2, if the water without water, turn on the faucet to drain the sewage in the water pipe sediment, rust, etc., and then open the faucet use a water purifier. 3, the water purifier is not used more than three days, should be used again repeatedly flushing water purifier cis 2-5 minutes, until the drained water purifier memory. 4, when the water purifier used often rinse water purifier, which also can effectively extend the life of the water purifier. 5, the relationship between water quality of the water purifier with a total production of water purifier, the purifier if the water quality is good, the overall increase water production, whereas the total water production decrease, the corresponding filter life will be slightly shorter. 6, long-term use water purifiers, water production will gradually decline, but the quality of water still qualified, safe to use. 7, water purification products closed when a fault occurs immediately tap water inlet valve, cutting off water, not the professionals do not disassemble. Water purifier is now many families have installed products that can help people to filter water at home, make drinking safer. Correct use of clean waterIs to understand the need to pay attention during the use of water purifiers, water purifiers can reduce the failure in use, ensure the life of the water purifier.

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