Water purifiers domestic wat can make up for impfections

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  A friend is a fine woman, doing everything methodically, every day to prepare exquisite nutritious food for themselves, even if late, will draw on sophisticated look for themselves. In our minds, she has always been elegant presence. She always said, "A woman is like ceramics, exquisite look nice." So, she selected things are specially designed to meet her temperament. 鍑€姘村櫒鍙互寮ヨˉ鐢熸椿鐢ㄦ按鐨勭憰鐤? width=

   went to her house to play the weekend, she packed the house is clean, go after, I feel particularly comfortable. Near noon, we will be into the kitchen to prepare lunch, I could have been ready to go out to eat, but said A, outside meals do not trust her, and she missed braised fish, I burn, so, we have to cook it.

   vegetables gap, I saw her home under the sink installed a water purifier, with a smile: "You are so particular about the water now ah?" A said, "You think I want to, ah, to not some time ago, my husband found to have stones, terrible pain, you do not know, its a big man, hurt them curled up together, you can only look at the side, but can not cry cry, the kind of experience I do not want to go through again. "

   I hug her, tell her all over, now, all right.

   I think hes sick husband thing, we go to the hospital seen, but now I know that A did not tell us the truth, but a person endure in silence down. Later, when her husband was discharged, the doctor told her, later in life, pay attention to water. To this end, she deliberately installed a water purifier.

   On the way home, my mind has been repeated A saying "now increasingly serious water pollution, water purifiers and quickly installed it you want, then fine life will be flawed, but clean water can make up for the defects of domestic water, drinking water safeguard your health. "

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