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   Water is the basis of life, drinking and even more important than the need to eat to survive. With health concerns and pollution, drinking water, what will become much concern? Dazzling "water purifier" and from time to time be exposed "water quality", so that we endless tangle: water safety it should or should not buy a water purifier


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   1, why should boil drinking?

   tap water from water sources are concentrated, after proper treatment and disinfection, and then transported to the residents of the home water supply through the pipeline. To regulate the quality of tap water by the national standard "drinking water health standards" (GB5749-2006). This standard specifies the 106 water quality indicators, can be said to cover a variety of factors that may affect the drinking water health.

   Many people know that the foreign tap water is safe to drink, and our tap water is always recommended that you boil the drink. In fact, according to the national standard, our tap water can have a direct drink.

   to boil drinking water, partly out of habit - just as many people will go through fresh pasteurized milk to boil drinking is the same. On the other hand, due to the water distribution network, "secondary water supply" roof tank pollution risks that may exist, to boil tap water to drink, but also safer. ?



   2, carcinogenic chlorine in tap water

   Internet rumors: cooking food, you open the lid to boil water and then put the food, otherwise chlorine it will be wrapped in food cause cancer. Indeed, water does have a certain "free chlorine", to ensure that during transport inhibition of bacteria.

   The tap water "free chlorine" mainly in the form of hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite is present, having a superior oxidizing ability, it is possible to kill bacteria. They are not stable in light, heat and other conditions, may be further converted to the hydrochloride, hydrochloric acid, chlorine will form small amounts of other compounds.

   If a large intake, does have a certain toxicity, residual chlorine in tap water but far less than the "substantial." World Health Organization (WHO) to develop safety standards are no more than 5 milligrams per liter of water. Usually chlorine content in tap water at 1 milligram per liter or less, far below the WHO standard.



   3. Why is there a scale?

   kettle with a long scale appear, often annoying. Scale formation, because tap water has a calcium and magnesium ions, and we often say "hard water" refers to calcium, high magnesium ion content of the water. Actually, the hard water of trace elements harmful to humans, calcium and magnesium are essential, and intake of most people are low. In this sense, the high hardness of the water, but also part of the supplementary minerals.

   However, the major problems of hard water, that may affect the taste of water and performance. For example: high hardness cooking water, it is not as good low hardness water; high hardness water boil on a white precipitate appeared (scale), also affect the appetite; same tea, blisters out with high hardness, taste will be a lot worse; if boil jug have scale, you can try to remove with vinegar, baking soda;



   4, it is necessary to buy a water purifier

  ? national standards

   tap water is a public safety "basic standards."

   In short, as long as it "looks" "tastes" not unusual tap water, you can drink. If it boil, even adds a layer of insurance. However, with the improvement of living standards, people will still pursue "higher quality" water. Water purifier, is to allow "qualified tap water" become "better."

   This "better" refers to water molecules in water to remove the "impurities" so that water is more pure. Types and brands of water purifiers on the market range, the price difference is huge, dazzling. Actually, clean basic principles are similar:

   water purification effect

   microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis: descending like a mesh sieve, filtering capabilities were enhanced, can remove bacteria, microorganisms and certain impurities; activated carbon adsorption: off some impurities can be adsorbed; softener: can remove calcium and magnesium ions; as in the end want to buy, see your needs and resources of their own judgment.

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