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   technology products, a large flux of reverse osmosis product is absolutely mainstream, while accompanied by a wave of intelligent home appliances, water purifier intelligent entered a rapid development period.

   With the development of society, peoples pursuit of healthy drinking water continues to progress, quality and safety of drinking water is directly related to health, related to the development of society. So, we must ask: in 2017 the water purification industry in the end is what? Future water purification industry is how to develop?

   Water overall market focus data, it can be concluded:

   1, water considerable market growth, will still maintain a high level of short term;

   2, channel aspects, water purifier whole category channels have maintained a high growth momentum;

   3, regional development, the potential for rapid release three or four markets, the scale of the fastest growing, of course, regional water pollution water is not balanced market development in different regions also have great influence;

   4, the price of high-end trend obvious upgrade price trend is unstoppable;

   5, product technology, reverse osmosis large flux product is absolutely mainstream, at the same time, accompanied by a wave of intelligent home appliances, water purifier intelligent entered a rapid development period;

   6, branding, concentration increases, the electricity supplier channels to become the new brand into the market breakthrough, at the same time, consumer to choose the direction of diversification, create differentiated products, selling more important.

   future water purifier market development

   upgrading push to buy expensive new water purifier is the future of enterprise development an inevitable trend towards a new direction; precision farming is important, such as the use of two-child policy maternal and child driven to seek new market segment opportunities; scenes of the terminal building and marketing of the story in order to improve the consumer experience and interaction; whole house water purification systems, safe water to meet the household needs; sharing water purifier mode.






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