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   Water is the source of life, water quality is good or bad relationship with each persons health. More and more families purchase and installation of water purifier, water purifier currently our brand up to more than 5,000, there is no specific industry standards, so that the water industry market was mixed, uneven products. In order to solve the chaos of the water industry, water purification industry new national standards will be formally implemented next month, whether this will bring major reshuffle water purifier industry?

   reporters at a home appliance store in Hefei, Anhuis see, activated carbon, microfiltration ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, wore a variety of technical concepts of water purification machines everywhere, the price is also from 1000-1 Wanduo per month. Ms. Zhang consumers to buy the most important water quality is safe, she chose a type of reverse osmosis water purifier.

   to her: "My family in the kitchen under the sink installed a water purifier, cooking and drinking water are now using boiling water purification effect is particularly good, no smell and unique scale. the problem is particularly wastewater, usually can be heard above the water when the cleaner, keep the following in waste water discharge. sales staff said while tons of water to produce 1 tons of waste water discharged 1, indicating that 50% of the water wasted. "

   mentioned water purifier market, many consumers use the "depth" of the word to express feelings. This is reflected in the brand cohabitation, the concept of propaganda everywhere. Insiders broke the news, a water purifier two or three thousand, open and found: accessories for the ex-factory price of 1.8 yuan a meltblown filter, a $ 3 compressed activated carbon filter, there are two not exceeding 3.5 the granular activated carbon filter element.

   Ms. Zhang said she buy relatively high-end products, but the waste water problem has not been solved.

   At present, our water purifier brand up to more than 5,000 products of varying quality. Last November, the former State Administration of Quality Supervision, National Standards Commission officially launched the GB34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of" national standards. Standards, where the net aquatic water rate less than 35% of RO reverse osmosis water purifier, are regarded as substandard products.

   Chinese Academy of household appliances deputy engineer Lu Jianguo said new national standard will be defined by setting the effective value of the water, high water consumption to eliminate those inferior products. "A considerable number of water purification machines, if the net aquatic water rate of 35% or less can not enter the threshold of this standard is mandatory because most machines can reach 1: 3, that is, we are now the target of 25%He mentioned 35%, i.e., 1: 2. The water-saving to 65%, i.e. 100 liters of water 65 liters of water purification have. "

   the implementation of this standard What are the implications of reverse osmosis water purifier business? Jiaozuo City, Henan Province reporter interviewed a water purification equipment Co., Ltd., the company mainly engaged in water purification equipment, water treatment equipment, drinking water . machines and other sales, installation and maintenance company official said Zheng Yongquan, introduction of industry standards will upgrade Forced water industry, survival of the fittest "has no effect on our business, because it itself is 1: 1 ratio of water production. Now most of the water purifier has reached 50% of the water rate, 1: 1 has been higher than the standard 35% is 1: 2. So set the standard for the industry as a whole is an upgrade, eliminate poor quality products, leaving the good, survival of the fittest. "

   for water purification machines, the director of the Beijing Institute of Public Health, according to Li Fuxing drinking water, at present China has no national standards, but has issued two industry standard, a reverse osmosis just introduced standard, the other is a standard ultrafiltration, both standard and jointly promote the development of safe drinking water. "osmosis machine from a security point of view better than ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis machine but there are two problems, the first is waste water does not meet the requirements to conserve water; the second is no mineral water, long-term drinking on the human body is not good. From a health point of view, not as good as reverse osmosis ultrafiltration; from a security point of view, than the reverse osmosis ultrafiltration better. With the future development of science and technology, the improvement of peoples quality requirements, new standards, new products will continue to emerge. "

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