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  Water purification agents to join, how to win at the starting line

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   water purification agents to join which brand is good, water purifier agent better to do? from the development of the water purifier in recent years, the market has great potential, can interface with multi-industry, and, agent project water purifier has a "small investment, quick, high returns, risk small "and so on, has become a popular investment entrepreneurs in recent years. ? Well, as a water purifier agents, especially new people joined the line, Gairuhezou good first step purification agents do thank the following reference:

   first, select manufacturers

   industry statistics show that domestic water purifier manufacturers, including imported brands, there are thousands of qualified much as the majority of manufacturers and water purifier brand can query through the network. Sales Rep interests as growth projects, or as a first-time entrepreneurs project, after a preliminary understanding and consulting the manufacturers and products that enter the exploratory phase.



   quasi-purifier Agent who investigated the manufacturers, often have business presentations, product introduction, water quality presentations, plant tours and other aspects of policy interpretation, and even some net water heater manufacturers will also provide initial training, case studies, and other activities to observe the market model, which are able to help water purification agents to quickly understand the way to join the industry, manufacturers and products. Whether large production lines, water purification agents franchisee factory visits, probably the following aspects.

   hardware: including plant, equipment, pipeline, which is representative of the laboratory water purifier manufacturers and technical capabilities, has by far the most advanced automated production line equipment, water purifiers or even did not make production technical know nothing about the proxy franchisee does not matter, here a few tips to detail: each station assembly line and other positions if there is work instructions, quality standards and testing methods, spare parts, especially filters and other processing, inventoryCase management and warehousing, showroom displays and image performance, the other is promotional materials and promotion tools, no matter how unrelated layman, I believe the quality is visible. Note Before looking at the manufacturers, you should call to confirm with each other, if not having the above basic conditions, and even plants are not, and that there is no need to examine them.

   Second, product selection,

   in your area determines the marketability of the product, in terms of water purifier, mainly to see the local water quality and acceptance:

   [ 123] 1, water quality

   If the local water TDS value is about more than 100 ppm, and substantially no furring kettle, UF water purifier main recommendations; if it exceeds 200 ppm, the main recommended reverse osmosis water purification unit; If more than 500ppm, and more serious fouling, should increase the pre-filter. Water purifiers have been only applicable, but there is no "best" one said, the worse the quality of the place, the higher the cost of water purification.



   2, style aspects

   It is said to be high, medium and low taste, it was observed all over the sales of water purification agents better franchisee, Both will run the amount of real, three, therefore, local conditions, clear positioning, rational purchase, reasonable use of library equipment is the best policy. Store location, the proposed "high-low mix", such as a kitchen water filter, high-grade type around 3500, about 1500 budget can, store sales of water purifiers, a large part of the ratio is installed under the hood, you should consider the size suitable van, under cabinet type primarily; counties, towns channel location, recommended ", a mix of low," around mid-2000 type, economical to about 1500, counties, townships store sales of water purifiers most users prefer wall mounting, you should consider hanging with models of the main display.

   In recent years, governments and relevant departments in sustained water remediation, comprehensive transformation of the network, such as Hangzhou, Changsha, Guangzhou, and other cities, water quality will be much better, ultrafiltration water purifiers enough, with supporting the pipeline water dispenser, with mechanical as appropriate, and for corporate customers, commercial reverse osmosis water purification equipment still applies.

   Of course, there are differences in the specific market circumstances, such as Chongqing market, has been the ultrafiltration water purifier in the world, but in recent years, reverse osmosis product sales on the rise, but the market such as Sichuan, reverse osmosis products and ultraFilter water purifier sales is almost evenly matched, so the former agent to join their purchase, you should look at the sales as well as multi-user acceptance of local water purifier is appropriate.

   In short, everything is hard in the beginning, with a good water purifier brand and product planning for their area in order to better sellers, start the market. Before starting the market usually need to design marketing policy, the price system, organizational structure, human resource planning, training and incentive programs as well as opening and so, in general, business planning includes: the product is ready, ready market, personnel reserve three major sections.

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