Why water purifier moss- How to avoid-

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   and some of the reasons due to improper maintenance, water purifiers have occurred in moss things, many consumers are very worried about the impact on health of drinking water. How to avoid water purifiers moss? Water purifier long moss how to do? Xiao Bian teach you.




water purifier Why moss? How to avoid? (Photo from Internet)

   Why water purifier president moss?

   We all know that appearance of moss is inseparable from water, water purifiers is the same, where there is water, then moss is grown will direct sun through photosynthesis, water purifiers typically moss green filter in the connecting pipe and PE inside.

   How to avoid the growth of moss?

   If the cartridge is transparent, and is installed near a window in direct sunlight, wet filter is easy to grow microbes, moss most common. The best way is to start the installation, when a water purifier on the arrangements in place to avoid light conditions are good, which is why water purifiers, mostly under the kitchen type, which can make the water purifier at a low temperature and non-irradiated environment .

   Of course, if you did not pay attention to dark installation, I wanted a way to filter blocking the sun on it. Water pipe connected to the water purifier PE pipe, if long, and direct sunlight, is also president moss. PE pipe and not too close to a stove where there is heat generated indirect heating.

   attention to regular maintenance and filter replacement

   general water purifier filter will have a state prompts when the machine prompt, you can not be left to chance to continue the drinking water. In addition, if the water purifier is not the case and no long-term irrigation is also president of moss used, but a lot of water purifiers available in the market are flush with intelligent features, and not much money is expensive, but it can bring peace of mind.

   When they find their own home water purifier moss, and quickly think about is not usually too little or improper maintenance measure it? For healthy drinking water, water filter must be cleaned on time yo!

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