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   water pollution is getting worse, in response to this series of questions, all-powerful man invented a water purifier, effective solution to the problem of drinking water, but there are still a lot of people have such a doubt, water purifier really the useful? here I can tell you quite sure, water purifiers really work !!

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   of course, the premise is that you are buying a good water purifier, buy bad net water is not only no filter effect may also cause more damage, so be sure to choose a water purifier to buy quality guaranteed.

   the benefits of water purifiers for their healthy life

   water purifier can remove most of the remaining contaminants in the water, because of the aging pipeline stage more powerful, seriously affected the water quality and safety, so we need to add a layer of protection on top of their own drinking water, a water purifier by secondary filtration and purification, to protect water quality and safety of health.

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   principles purifier purifier is through layers of the filter, in addition to sediment was filtered off, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, and other drug residues in water, while retaining on the human body useful minerals (potassium, calcium and magnesium and other trace elements), but need regular replacement filter, filter life if done, will continue to use the machine to be sewage, which we pay special attention.

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   Take me home water purifier - M currently used for a total of five filter:

   The first layer PP cotton, filter out sediment, rust, colloid and other large volume of impurities;

   the second layer is an activated carbon, filtered water chlorine, odor, color and other pollutants;

   the third layer is compressed charcoal, filtered finer residual water harmful substances,

   the fourth layer is a reverse osmosis membrane, this layer is the most important, 0.0001 micron filtering accuracy, and efficient removal of the water bacteria and viruses harmful substances in very fine;

   [ 123] the fifth layer is the activated carbon, it is used to improve the taste of the sweet filtered out of the water, taste better. Anyway, since I am very home improvement water purifier drink mineral water.

鍗庡皵搴凤細鍑€姘村櫒鐪熺殑鏈夌敤鍚? src= water purifier how to choose? After an investigation found that the current water quality throughout the country there are some security risks. As is commonly the northern region hard water, prone to cause stones, etc. affect human health; southern regions have excessive heavy metals, for peopleLiver, gall bladder, kidney and other hazards. Water purifier can be selected for the purification needs of different regions, so that the indicators of drinking water meets health requirements.

   children and elderly family selection criteria:

   1, can filter heavy metals, in particular lead and mercury (lead, mercury is toxic).

   2, organic pollutants can be filtered (excessive pollution affect children and mental health).

   3, calcium and magnesium ions may be beneficial by system (i.e. reserved minerals).

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   - M to "care for people living healthy," "everything from the service to start "for enterprise development concept, 19 years ago, Hua Kang water purification has been committed to technological innovation, product innovation and research and development, providing customers with a rich and varied, excellent quality water purification products and perfect after sales service. Select - M, your water purifier after sales, maintenance services, nothing to worry about. - M escort you and your family health and drinking water escort!

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   understand Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on

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