Water purifier -total numbof colonies- that should not be re

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  Water purifier "total number of colonies" that should not be removed? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 722 Published: 2016-7-25 11:01:30 bottled water to cancel the total number of colonies, molds, yeasts limited requirements from the beginning on January 1st 2016, retained only coliform group index, the index increased P. aeruginosa. Tim net water purification equipment Xiao Bian that, if bottled water produces such a request, then the water purifier whether there can be such a privilege? Recently, a famous health expert, the former Ministry of Health wading Product Review Committee First Deputy Director CDC chief physician Professor Jiang Suxing Cai ancestral roots which called for the removal of detecting water purifier "total number of colonies," the article spread in the water industry, water industry and positive response from people. In 2016 pairs net Forum meeting in mid-2016 with a net in the water during the Shanghai International Exhibition held on June 14, Pangya Hui teacher also set up a special honored guests with a thematic introduction to cancel bottled water and bottled in the new national standard "the total number of colonies" of the specific content of the water. Sure enough, we saw a senior professional such as Professor Cai ancestral roots and Gu Chuan long time teacher and others echoed and spread support this view. Non-professionals may not know, or even "talk bacteria pale" that the "total number of colonies" is indeed a very concept of pull. Both contain bacteria beneficial bacteria also include bacteria neutral while covering harmful bacteria. Such as Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria is, in our milk yogurt contains. Harmful bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, etc., are collectively referred to as "pathogens." Furthermore bacteria is neutral, neither ineffective or harmless bacteria. Now we see, the water rarely beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria rarely. Another example from the air into the water neutral bacteria, both on the human body useless, harmless, will not have an adverse effect on human health. For the total number of colonies, the broader American professor, Jiangsu Province, CDC director Tsai physician ancestral roots that, according to US standards, the total number of colonies is the technical evaluation, not the product quality indicators. US drinking water, "the total number of colonies" indicators are not greater than 500 per milliliter, while my country is only 100. Professor Cai example, there is a production of water purifiers, water quality and other indicators are qualified, are very good, total number of colonies except water for more than two hundred, on the failure by Chinese standards, but by the United StatesStandard is qualified, and very good. If the total number of colonies is too low, it is bound to excessive sterilization, and disinfection by-products are "three-induced (carcinogenic, mutagenic, cause mutation)," the harm is far greater. Should focus on internal control and detection combined jump Inspire "In fact, looking back, had bottled water, bottled water and water purification items are sampling failed, in large part because the total number of colonies exceeded and was fined failed." On chief marketing consulting planning consultant media organizations, CILLY water purification Korea Pangya Hui, head teacher then said, "Since bottled water (bottled water, bottled water) have been canceled this monitoring indicators, water purifier should also be liberalized, only need to grasp a few key indicator bacteria good E. coli on it, no need to continue with the total number of colonies indicators. "Professor Cai ancestral roots also that, according to newly released" food safety law "," total number of colonies, "but the production process purification efficiency of internal evaluation, not as product quality indicators, if exceeded, the production process is necessary to strengthen the control.

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