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   Some companies, especially small and medium factories, dealers, feedback, said before the line is only an auxiliary, not how great importance to staff capacity in this area is not strong.



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   The outbreak, causing everyone to get online, the pressure is relatively large. But you must learn the job.

   I suggest, if not now this very time, the online marketing, online sellers the ability to go up, this is a very valuable competitive edge. Take advantage of this opportunity to present, why not catch up.

   1, the boss to take the lead, all the management must learn to take the lead to participate to the full set an example. If only family-run shop, a few people in a small company, the boss is more to learn. If there is an employee can understand, nurture, it is also possible.

   2, to learn to determine what is good, what science can not see what kind of online tools and more, 1:30 will not all learn, grasp a few key.

   In general, micro-channel group in effective communication, effective online promotion, alliance business customer resource sharing, constitute the main work this time.

   3, shopping guide (sales staff) is always the last key signing, they must enhance their morale up and let them as more skilled and more proficient grasp of online communication, online sales, remote storage passenger capacity.

   4, do not expect to be able to quickly bring online transaction, this time the likelihood of the customer to pay the full amount is smaller, is more likely to interest payments, pay a little deposit, it is recommended that the focus of efforts with the intention Kim retain customers and to do everything possible to deepen relationships with customers, enhance adhesion.

   The author notes that some students feel that the intention is not to close the point value of gold, after all, a customer will deposit a few hundred, or a thousand dollars, can not be used to doing, not open wage. In fact, deposit collection, mainly to the epidemic is you can do with a single, and strive for the customer to stay in their own here, not to be taken away.

   If you now must rely on wage payment to open, and even life, that your business is unstable, in wire walking, later to pay attention to leave surplus.

   5, it is difficult to expect every sales situation can open online sellers forRelatively backward, not high proficiency sales staff, enhanced training efforts; in the event of problems, the day had begun training.

   who did a good job, who is the training of personnel. Where available, may invite a third party, senior lecturer, provides training and guidance.

   6, for relatively young, strong learning ability of employees, allowing them to learn, trying to market an effective drainage as-acquisition tool, such as a live and a short video (Taobao live broadcast, a live broadcast, vibrato , deft, etc.), little red book, a variety of micro-channel group, a good living, etc., from which to explore the effective user acquisition path, and then train other staff to follow up.

   7, temporary employees on a new division of labor, on the one hand, to be able to fight for the full build-off, screening existing customers and found that customer interest, for each person on hand can continue to increase customer base; [123 ]

   on the other hand, to be the division of staff expertise, some employees suitable for remote communication and persuasion, so that they should mainly discuss work.

   Large timber studies suggest that some employees are more suitable for online promotion and drainage, let them do focus on online promotion and broaden the customer base, acquire a new customer leads. Corresponding incentives, naturally, need to be adjusted.

   8, practicing internal strength is more important than blindly attack, in the entire line of drainage and transformation system is not very strong, it is recommended not to put too much cost for promotion, with familiar tools first, enhance the level of communication up.

   9, accumulated before the core service with the intention of customers and old customers, more caring, focused on the customer resources before digestion, especially years ago established contact, preparing the decoration, but not sign the contract that aside the intention of customers, go all the interest payments received. The ability to rely on client troubleshooting, and remote communication capabilities.

   10, win-win situation, hold together for warmth, keep up the relevant category of businesses, associations, media, real estate, and establishing close cooperation between shared interests, shared the intention of customers to reach the depth of cooperation resources, for the intention of customers formed of sales, designers, owners and other many-exclusive services; the intention of the parties to the client, the owners invited into the micro-channel large group, from which the conversion again by forming activity.

   (Source: large timber research, invasion deleted)

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