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With the enhancement of peoples concept of health, water purifier has been widely accepted, more and more families are choosing to install water purifiers. As the current water purifier market competition increasingly fierce, product homogeneity serious problems also appeared, so that the consumer can not start when selecting water purifier. So how should consumers choose water purifier, there are those hard targets need to pay attention to it?


The five elements of the selection of the focus of high-quality water purifier


based on consumer demand and water purification product market situation, I selected for you on the water purifier guidelines, have the following points to avoid step on mine:


and the filtering effect of life


filter technology, processes and materials are filtering effect and the key to life. Currently on the market, the filter press technology is generally divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis, reverse osmosis is the moment in which the industry recognized the latest advanced technology, but the brands product technical principles, process methods and materials are different, bring life and mission of the filtering effect will be different. When consumers choose water purifier, it is recommended to weigh from the multi-dimensional point of view, such as the outer membrane material is not cause secondary pollution, such as filters and surface water erosion rate, the relationship between the filter wear, affecting life.


Water flux magnitude


refers to a water flux of purified water within 24 hours to G (gallon), where 1 gallon equals approximately 4 liters, the water flux means fast, without waiting. The water purifier 50G, in terms of an hour, then 8 liters / hour. Currently available conventional reverse osmosis water purifier, mostly water flux 50G, to meet the familys basic water needs. However, with the increase in peoples water purification needs, a large flux of water filter into the mainstream. When consumers choose products, we recommended to consider the number of family size, consumption habits and other factors, may be appropriate to choose water flux products.


noise, energy


water purifier takes a long time in working condition, so do not ignore the noise, electrical safety, etc. affect the life of the elements, in order to avoid noise pollution, affecting normal life . When selecting water purifier, consumers can experience first, careful to see whether the product has noise reduction, energy saving and other related environmental design, so that the user experience more perfect.


design and size of the volume


before buying water purifier, recommended consumptionBy the appearance of the product, the volume of detailed understanding, can try to choose wild fashion design, small size, space products, otherwise there may be a lack of coordination with other water purifier home style, lack of installation space for future use inconvenient problems.


where service


different from the other home appliances, plays a critical role purifier guard health. Water purifiers not only to ensure high-quality, try to extend the life and reduce the probability of failure, but also to have a good after-sale protection, in case of failure in the shortest possible time repaired, restored normal use, so as not to cause interference to normal life . Therefore, improve the service more and more important, it has become an important factor when consumers choose water purifier brand to consider.


for mainstream brands, avoid using the pit


Angell, Smith and other high-end water purification above points Selection Guide, and currently on the market mainstream water purification products, consumers can try to choose according to brand business, in particular, focus on these businesses the latest product, brand not only represents the highest technology and quality, after-sales are guaranteed, can the highest safety factor mentioned.




Angel, Angel water purifiers, water purifiers versatile kitchen Angel


In Angel heavy build kitchen water purifier in terms of all-round, which product completely subvert the traditional water purifier single model, innovative design and a small two taps to provide partitions water supply. Small taps provide drinking water, the faucet to protect large flux of water, easy to solve in the kitchen vegetables, wash rice, washing dishes and other needs. The product is also applied Angel innovation full effect of the reverse osmosis membrane patent, high-efficiency removal of pollutants rust, sediment, heavy metals, and chlorine or the like, in order to lead the water industry trend cutting-edge technology.




Angel, Angel water purifier, Angel versatile kitchen water purifier


after-sales service, the same Angel that consumers be assured that not only opened 7 * 24-hour service hotline and Angel micro-channel public number, ready to accept the users declaration, consultation, supervision and complaints, and responsible for the installation of service to professional during the installation process, provide repair, maintenance, cleaning and water quality monitoring services, but also Note the use of the popularity of the daily operation and professional knowledge to the userKnowledge, truly timely, comprehensive after-sales service.


water purifier water quality security guards, it will have a relationship to the users water security and a healthy diet. Therefore, when consumers choose water purifier, you can refer to the above guidelines and recommendation, I believe will provide some help in the choice of brands and products will have more certainty, avoid step on mine.

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