Water purifier filtmaintenance have to end a big cleaning me

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   year is approaching, New Year, many people have the habit of clean-up at the end. The purpose is to be a bad year away all at the same time, with a new, good environment to greet the new year soon. Of course, ultimately, within the range of cleaning and maintenance cleaning appliances, water purifier also must consider it. Understanding of water purifier friends all know, the most important cleaning and maintenance of water purifier or filter maintenance, then water purifier filter life is how to judge? How to maintain water purifier it? You and share with you today purifier the filter common sense and maintenance methods, let us see what it.



   determines how the service life of water purification filters

   It will be regular domestic water purifier manufacturers reference to a water purifier filter life, such as ultra- membranes typically gives 24-36 months; life of the RO membranes are typically about 12 months, adsorptive filter such as activated carbon filter typically six months to a year, without the filter element, such as sewage PP cotton, typically about 3 months . However, the water quality of relatively complex, so the life of the filter is the reference value in accordance with the general city water source water environment life; there is a part of manufacturers to be judged based on the actual amount of water in a water purifier, which is generally ways also detected in the city water tap environmental results; of course, these theories are not representative of the water purifier filter life in real life, the real life of the filter maintenance was kind enough to have a great relationship.

   Maintenance of the filter rule

   First, the case of ultrafiltration filter, RO, NF filter, before first use of the filter must be rinsed inside the water purifier to wash the filter element protection liquid.

   Second, wash: water purification products now on the market purifier, pure water, nanofiltration three kinds of machines, different combinations of different water purification filter products, the products used in certain time, can result in excessive impurities, filter clogging and the like.

   Third, when less than half the original amount of water to apply to the cleaning station service center for repair.

   Fourth, the cleaning agent can be washed or backwashing.

   water purifier filter under what circumstances need to be replaced

   know how to replace the water purifier filter it Xiaobian Weapon different method for determining replacement cartridge for everyone:?

   First, ultra-filter, RO membrane replacement: when the water production purifier greatly reduced, or when not much water, after rinsing any course can not be restored, you can not meet the demand for water smaller than the original water flow , this time on the need to replace the filter.

   Second, activated carbon composite filter replacement: When you think of purifying water taste worse and can not be accepted, the composite filter needs to be replaced, such as the installation or replacement of more than one year, regardless of the level of frequency of use, must be replaced.

   In fact water purifier filter drinking water determines the health of the family, if not long-term replacement of the filter element is likely to form a "secondary pollution" for filtered water, so water purifiers in daily use be sure to maintain and replace the filter.

   Small water filter, the filter typically does not mean poor quality, mainly due to low water pressure or cause poor quality of raw water filter blockage. In many cases, both.

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