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   The water purifier market demand is increasing, many entrepreneurs have seen amazing "money" force the industry. Especially with the improvement of peoples living standards, people pay attention to the health of the eyes slowly transferred from supplements over the most essential, but it is most people can not do without the daily water, household water purifiers to enter the booming status. However, the "insight" must be more than one, making home water purifier market competition, how to gain a foothold in the highly competitive market, become household water purifiers franchisees to discuss the topic.

   many franchisees friends believe that in order to sell more products will promotion, "puerile" Well; also address another key. This idea is not wrong, before they start, choose a good address, to lay the foundation for the later, opened at the beginning, through the promotional build up popularity. But after all, not a long-term way. A good address, meaning that the expensive rents, promotions it means greater investment less profitable, especially in the first three months of your promotional activities can be said to celebrate the opening, the back of your continued promotion, the people around you what you can not help muttering how low the cost, quality can guarantee you, after all, there is a word called "no good cheap goods" well!

   So how home water purifier franchise long-term development go? Here to the franchisee who made the following recommendations:

   First, the local demand

   household water purification franchise to fully seize the attention of consumers eyes, must be from the actual local residents needs, select the corresponding product, in order to truly expand operations in the future, such as the North hard water and impurities shall be provided with first-class ion exchange resin filter water purifier filter or water softener; soft water south , heavy metals and serious secondary pollution, water quality requirements can be high for the family recommended water machine, less demanding families ultrafiltration machines. That depends on whether your product is rich, to investigate whether the home water purifier market carefully. Consumers need to provide targeted products, advancing with the times, naturally attract the attention of consumers.

   Second, select the brand

   to see the brand in consumer spending, unknown brand would certainly have been challenged consumers. But for just joined the household water purification agents, the agents major brands of water purifiers difficult, very difficult to reach the agent conditions. So better to choose second-line products, both well-known for restraint agents are not so stringent, the most importantTo that such manufacturers also open up the market, will be targeted to provide assistance to the franchisee.

   Third, the service

   After water purifier is different from other household appliances, installed in a home, it needs long-term normal after-sale protection, that is to say, not only quality assurance, but also the future one of the main problems faced by the sale can not keep up, the consumers home water purifier only can not protect the health of the water, but also a source of contamination. At present, water purifier penetration rate of less than 5% overall, compared to 90 percent of foreign penetration far, and as a water purifier to open up in all kinds of markets, the sale will be a critical issue. Currently, many manufacturers simply sales, regardless of after-sales approach, the market has created a significant negative effect. Therefore, to household water purification franchise business better, whether operators or sales staff should establish good customer base with the attitude that determines your old number of customers, the number of customers and referrals. Home service, the formation of word of mouth, open up the market a matter of course!

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