Use bleach disinfection of drinkg water and notes

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Small chlorinated water currently used method, there is also bleach disinfection. Due to chlorine contained in the bleach volatile, each batch of purchased content in chlorine bleach should be measured. Warehouse storage of bleaching powder dosing should be spaced from the bleach solution and keep in a cool, dry and good natural ventilation. Bleach solution tank ships and the dissolving tank 2, in turn easy to use. Bottom slope is not less than 2% and the slag hole slope. Because chlorine is corrosive and should be protected against corrosion. Room with bleach and a pumping station should be separated, and the use of natural ventilation, indoor floor slope not less than 5%. Bleach dosing method: 50KG bleach per pack 400-500ML before adding to water with stirring a solution of 10% -15%, together with water into a concentration of 1% -2%, clarified, filtered off and put into the water by the metering device, the bleach solution can be administered added gravity pump suction pipe may also be adding to the water ejector pressure tube. Household water purification equipment, net - professional household water purifiers, water softeners shopping guide platform, bringing together a network of well-known brand of water purifier, water softener, salt-free water softener machine for you and your family health escort!

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