Why boil well water after a precipita

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   Why boil well water after a precipitate? The answer is simple, because the presence of water base.




wells in rural areas where the water is a common source of drinking water, a lot of sediment after it boil. Then these substances harmful? Here are just a precipitate why the well water to a boil.


due to the high water hardness, mainly calcium carbonate and the United States, had no effect on the human body, but washing clothes, soap decontamination decline will affect the ability to refuse medical experts, the kind of precipitation can also prevent cardiovascular disease, beneficial to humans. After boiling well water and the white precipitate flotage many, can drink, a white precipitate is calcium carbonate, commonly referred to as a scale. Descaling methods can cook a vinegar in water it will .


family safe drinking water Tips: When harmful it boil well water


Whatever the nature of water, boil after many, there will be mineral deposits in Hudi, called scale? only from the scale to determine whether beneficial or harmful to humans is not scientific. may apply to the local health supervision departments, testing water quality, see calcium ions, aluminum ions is exceeded. It is worth recalling, if the water is too high in calcium, easy to get long-term drinking of human stones .. Removing excessive minerals in the water, but usually also for purification of well water turbidity, home water purifier is a good choice, the choice of which the physical filtration, the choice of primary filter sand filtration tank, a filter may be selected intermediate PP cotton core, ceramic core filter, filter a deeper choice of ultrafiltration hollow filter, accuracy up to 0.01UM, bacteria and viruses can be filtered out.


Through the above description, you are sure to have well water safety knowledge to understand it. If you want to know more small drinking water safety knowledge, we pay more attention to stop it.




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