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In recent years, followed by water frequent and strengthen awareness of environmental pollution incidents, increasing clan isometric and water purifier tap water for secondary purification. But faced with an array of shopping malls in the water purifier, exactly how to choose? The following charm is still small to give you support recipe!


Currently on the main shopping Zhangtoushumu pure water equipment, water purification machines, water softener. Water purifier and water purifier can not remove impurities and bacteria, viruses, mainly to protect the users drinking water health, water softeners soften water is to play the role, can not be useful to remove the calcium and magnesium ions, so that your skin smooth, hair softer and softer clothes, mainly for users with high-quality domestic water. Water purifier to choose


picked the Raiders: clarity is required points


First, according to the water quality and the need to buy


"consumers in the selection should be based from a water purifier need, want to see what kind of deal with questions, then what kind of resolution to buy water purifier. "security monitoring room of the main Chinese Center for Disease Control environment quality Renzhang Lan told consumers. According to reports, China is not the same no matter the region is not the same, and some heavy metals in the water content of the local small, typically water purifier can be selected; Calcium water in some regions, a higher content of magnesium ion, easy to scale, with ion exchange should buy water purifier cartridge resin; and chlorine-containing water, heavy taste region, an optional activated charcoal water purifier; on more heavy metal content, hard water, or severe pollution, need drinkable family, alternatively commercially available reverse osmosis water machine.


Second, look at commodity promised to clean this document


in accordance with the relevant provisions of the produced water purifier manufacturers need to have access to clean part of the supervision of superior cleaning promised certificate, and each brand and each model water purifier only promised only a lot cleaner.


Third, standardize the brand, improve the service


in the procurement of goods to consumers try to pick compliance with the manufacturer of home goods, together ask for the transaction in addition to standard invoice, but also manufacturers However, business or sell a specific issue of shelf life warranty.


Fourth, the timingReplace the filter element is the key


cartridge is the center of all water purifier, purifying water quality depends largely on the quality of the filter element, the resolution also with the future use of the usual cost. In the process of applying the water purifier, the timing must replace the filter element, otherwise, not only will not achieve purification, but also secondary pollution.


in the procurement of the water purifier, service points should be considered is selected, usually a sound brand water purifier manufacturers will supply service, there will be someone means and supplying warranty. I fear, Xiao Bian said so much that we want to be prompted, choose now on the market too much water purifier, some of which even trademarks are not, the customer must be exceptionally careful in the selection of the hours, the selection of the best brands home pleasure of drinking water as a health advocate, either in quality or in the skills and services that allow you to put one hundred heart.


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