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   A time when the autumn, Anhui and suitable for lifes career on a long journey, the road is full of dreams, opportunities, challenges, hopes and parting. In this piece of land on the southern Anhui hills, mountains and downs, cross the river, a long long ancient culture and magnificent magnificent natural scenery Brilliance. Here every mountain, where every piece of water, contains all the sons and daughters of the sincere and passionate, flowing and moving story. Southern Sichuan-Tibet line as a tourist destination has red, east of Ningguo in Qinglong, Qin Jing County town west, north to Xuancheng city, Jingde County south to Cai Town, which stretches for 120 kilometers of mountain road, there 318 Sichuan-Tibet line of insurance, but also the essence of the unique landscape of southern Anhui, home storage strung Shilihualang beautiful beach, Qinglongwan wonderland, adventure peach Ridge Highway, Moon Bay Bamboo intoxicating, mysterious Ganoderma Valley, King Pavilion Hills poetry. Now autumn, flowers are open, the beauty of the land in Southern Sichuan-Tibet line, Sichuan-Tibet line Wannan outdoor trips it opened in this context!

   morning, we all got up early, Wannan late autumn, a thin mist overflowing in the hotels downstairs. Han people have lost drill into the prepared sightseeing car, engine rumbling, Southern Sichuan-Tibet line of outdoor trips official leave!

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   vehicle location leaves whipped, people eagerly anticipated car. Sightseeing car ride in the winding mountain road, the driver accelerated skilful turn, so that every inch beauty of Southern Sichuan-Tibet line are displayed in everyones eyes.

   vehicle gallop, we soon arrived at the first attraction today ---- reservoir Beach home. Beach home is located downstream of the reservoir Qinglongwan of the "National Water scenic spots, national forest parks," he said. Lakeshore along the front line, the breeze was blowing, Greenwood falls, leisure sprinkle bait anglers, Zhennai good scenery!

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