Tim net water purification- the glory and pain Wuxi tourism

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  Tim net water purification: the glory and pain of Wuxi Tourism: Tim net water purification Views: 774 Published: 2016-6-25 10:43:55 鎭噣鍑€姘达細鏃犻敗鏃呮父涓氱殑鑽h€€涓庣棝 "Wuxi is full of warmth and water," is the 1980 years from domestic and international tourism a popular slogan. Warmth, said the Wuxi human environment, rich life, warm and generous people of Wuxi, looking forward to the arrival of the Four Seas guests. Water, said the Wuxi unique tourism resources. There is broad Taihu Lake, crisscrossed by river, ancient canal through the city, as well as endless rolling in the Yangtze River. Houses by the water door, attractions built around water, Wuxi is Chinas most famous land of plenty. However, recognizing Wuxi tourism has on water resources is arduous process. In the early eighties, Li Yuan and East high-speed boats companies to develop water tourism projects, speeding boat plowed a quiet Wuli Lake, was intercepted net aquaculture farm. Thus, a "fish-based Wuli Lake is still dominated by tourism," the great debate unfold in the city. It is in this debate, Wuxi peoples understanding of water resources increasingly clear awareness of water tourism development projects began to germinate. As a result, the boat began multicolored decorated in sparkling lake, antique dragon boat began shuttling along the Grand Canal torrents, southern voyages company nocturnal tour of Taihu went to Hangzhou line, became the most popular tourist projects for overseas visitors opened the ancient Canal tours in Southeast Asia becoming the most competitive tourism hotline. with the current point of view, water tourism projects that period most of the occasion to make, peoples understanding of the tourism industry is still superficial, and their value contribution rate projects depth development is still very low. In subsequent years coupled with the strong development of economic construction, peoples concept of environmental protection weakened, indifferent awareness of tourism development, Taihu Lake water, hair green, canal water turned black, the Yangtze River water to turn yellow, and had fame Wuxi water tourism project faded. "Taihu shallow failed to keep off", which of course is a laugh language, but also reveals the pain in my heart Wuxi tourism people. Today, tourism has become the most active national economy sunrise industry, has become an important pillar of the economy, when people become an indispensable way of life, we need to Wuxi tourism resources were re-some sort. Among the many tourism resources in Wuxi, whether it is human resources, historic resources, or landscapeResources and folklore resources, have a close relationship with the water. Wuxi Taihu Lake is famous because of the tourism industry, the Beauty, the United States on the US in the lake water. Water, Wuxi tourism is a wealth of treasures. The development and utilization of water resources, tourism Wuxi is today an important and urgent issue. The current "Hum" is that there is lack of popular financial gas, there are few products industry, there is less capital funds, there are many restrictions system. Relying on the natural landscape and cultural landscape based on quick walkthrough of tourism products is still the most mature of Wuxi tourism products. And people began to pursue the development trend of leisure tourism, eco house, green diet, and Cuba travel, vacation travel, style tour, experience tour, personalized sports tours and other tourism, Wuxi also fresh influential and attractive items. How to develop and utilize water resources for tourism services? Recommended that the persons concerned are: Wuxi inherited a wide range of water context space, water runs through the diverse characteristics of the coastal waters, land, water as the core of the amplification elements to attract, and according to landscape elements, landscape and landscape effect, the formation of water tourism and land linkage, connected with the urban context, linked to the past and present, human and natural integration of complementary and waterfront landscape, accessibility, can stay with views can be linked, you can aftertaste waterfront, hydrophilic, water music, featuring the Chilean water tourism industries. In fact, according to Xiao Bian understand household water purifiers Wuxi City in recent years, the community has begun to focus on the discovery and use of water resources, the ancient canal around the opening and operation of the historic district to clear the name of the bridge repair and open, the town dangkou style show the Yangtze River Delta, as well as to carry out the Dragon boat Festival Dragon boat race on the aggregated strong popularity in Li Hu, Wuxi explain all walks of life to pay attention to water resources development and utilization of this year.

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